Best street art spots to visit in Canada

Graffiti to murals all have some kind of hidden messages which one should crack to know the purpose of the drawing, It is also important to know that street art is not a dumb hobby to pursue and especially if you are in Canada. Canada is one of the most literate nations of the world and therefore it is important that the graffiti art of the country is also explored. It will make sure that culture, art and the way it is done in Canada is explored with care and perfection. It is one of the best ways to explore a rather rough part of the country.

Toronto Wall

The wall depicts the name of the city in a very fun filled manner that is very eye catchy as well. The color combination is highly effective and it also allows the visitors to explore the area around it. The best part of this spot is that the painting is being changed with the passage of time and it is becoming an exceptional tourist spot as well. The type of painting is not easy to understand and might take you some time to understand what is written.

Calli Wings

Calli WingsThe artist of this graffiti is Colette Miller and the name says it all. There are many ideas of her which can be seen on the walls of LA, Washington, Taiwan and other parts of the world. As per Miller, she is on a mission to get this sort of at recognized all over the world and the project is known to be as Global Angel Wings Project. It is one of the best places to make sure that the Canadian graffiti art is explored in the best manner.

Laurent Boulevard

This place is in Montreal and will make you feel very lucky to snap a photo here. It is because of the fact that the work that has been done here is exceptional and the color combo is even better. It is one of the places that are a sure visit for all that are looking for the art having an urban style. You can also enjoy the guided tours as there are many maps online that will guide you through the areas very effectively.

Main Street

Main Street

Located in Vancouver it is highly advised to visit this place as it conducts its very own annual mural and graffiti art festival. In this street, every wall is painted with fine and exceptional from which you cannot take your eyes off. It is one of the best places to be and to explore the rural art with the cultures that are highly integrated into one another. It is one of the best places and worth paying a visit.


This one is located in Ontario and has the simplest graffiti art that depicts the ages of pop culture in the country. With this art, you will find the enthusiasm that the people of the area have for the pop culture. It is one of the best places to be in relation to graffiti art.