Famous Canadian musicians you should know in 2018

Canadian music is perhaps the best in the world when it comes to quality. The number of artists is so huge that it is very hard to keep up with the news about everyone. Like any other field, the music is also highly influenced by the different cultures that live in the country. When it comes to 2018 there are many artists that one has to look forward to in the music industry. These artists believe in quality music and provide it to make sure that the audience remains intact. With strong social media following these artists will leave the huge impact in the long run. Continue reading

Up and coming Canadian actors in 2018

Canadian film industry is one of the best in the world kudos to the actors, actresses both rising and currently working in the field. The Canadian industry has embedded the latest technology to create the movies that WOW everyone and therefore the industry is progressing by leaps and bounds. Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, and Vancouver are some of the cities of Canada that have strong studio presence and the film industry is highly active here. Since its start in 1911, the industry has produced over 1500 movies some of which have topped the world charts as well. Like any other field, the film industry of Canada has been heavily influenced by the cultural diversity from the very beginning. Continue reading

Best street art spots to visit in Canada

Graffiti to murals all have some kind of hidden messages which one should crack to know the purpose of the drawing, It is also important to know that street art is not a dumb hobby to pursue and especially if you are in Canada. Canada is one of the most literate nations of the world and therefore it is important that the graffiti art of the country is also explored. It will make sure that culture, art and the way it is done in Canada is explored with care and perfection. It is one of the best ways to explore a rather rough part of the country. Continue reading

History of Canadian rock music

There are many groups and performers of rock music in Canada that have evolved with the passage of time. Here comes the cultural diversity of the country for which it is known. There are many cultures that have impacted the Canadian music to shape and formulate what we now call as the rock music of the country. The history of the rock music in Canada is highly engaging and starts in the mid-20th century. The cultural impact is so great that it has also significantly overturned the ways the sub-genres were seen before it. For instance, the genres such as punk and hard rock heavily influenced by the cultural impact are largely known as loved by the Canadians. Continue reading

5 Canadian cultural events you should attend in 2018

Canadian culture is very vast and diversified and it is all because of the fact that there are many nationalities that are living in Canada. Canada is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to cultural festivities because of the economy that supports such events. Canadians are fun loving and they make sure that they get the best and the most advanced festivals arranged by themselves. The government, on the other hand, makes sure that complete support is provided to such people and organizations. Like other years 2018 is also a fun-filled year for the Canadians. Continue reading